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Executive Landscaping
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Sustainable Practices

Commited to a Green Future.

  • Installer of green roofs to aid building "carbon footprint" reduction.
  • Certified installers of Roth tanks for rainwater collection for use in landscape irrigation.
  • Supporting the use of permeable parking surfaces to encourage greener areas and reduction of runoff using geotextile reinforcement, fiber reinforcement, and masonary reinforcement.
  • Installing eco-friendly irrigation control devices using moisture meters and "smart" irrigation controllers to reduce over-watering and runoff.
  • Supporting the use of water conserving sprinkler heads in new installations.

Green fleet & Facilities Practices

  • Executive Landscaping: recyclers of yard waste, leaves, office waste, scrap metal, and automotive fluids.
  • Centralized refueling locations to reduce pollution and encourage conservations of fuel resources.
  • Fleet vehicles utilize a bio diesel blend to reduce fossil fuel consumption.
  • Waste motor oil from fleet vehicles is burned in a high efficency waste oil furnace to provide heat for the maintenance shop during winter months amd reduce waste.
  • Implementing the use of California Exhaust Emission Standards in small engine equipment to reduce carbon emission to the atmosphere.
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