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Executive Landscaping
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Mission Statement


The roadmap to successful leadership in an ever-changing world requires vigilant foresight and execution.

As leaders, we will:

  • Be professional, act with integrity and exhibit our EAGLE Values.
  • Be uncompromising for the SAFETY of clients, teammates, the public, and the environment.
  • Be focused on exceeding key performance indicators.
  • Be a leader, role model, and mentor to the mastery of players.


Providing our clients a great experience every step of the way.

To ensure we exceed expectations, we will:

  • Be client-focused, results passionate, and process disciplined.
  • Be alert, respond quickly and effectively.
  • Be committed to achieving value creation results.
  • Be a keeper of company promise.


We are committed to our clients, team, vendors, and community. A successful team has 5 rules: Trust, Commitment, Planning, Execution, and Accountability. When a team executes all 5 rules, success is achieved.

As teammates, we will:

  • Be respectful and cooperative upstream and downstream.
  • Be an effective communicator to all.
  • Be steward of company assets.
  • Be a strategic anticipator or client needs.


The success of our business is continued profitability. We strive to reduce waste, conserve resources, and manage the efficiency of labor.

Being profitable enables us to:

  • Be committed to growth opportunities for the team.
  • Be committed to our team to provide for themselves and their families.
  • Be committed to the latest equipment, vehicles, and system improvements.
  • Be committed to paying our civic rent to the community.

Our Passion

To create and manicure unique environments.

Our Vision

To be a world class provider of greens industry services.

Our Mission

To develop mastery players who deliver breakthrough results.

Our Eagles Values Integrity above all else

Exceed expectations
Attitude of serving others
Growth - professional and personal
Learning for a succesful future
Environmentally responsible
Speed - respond quickly and effectively

Our Be-attitudes of a Mastery Player

BE customer focused.
BE results passionate.
BE a leader, role model and coach.
BE strategic and anticipate needs.
BE a lifetime learner.
BE a cross-functional team player.
BE quality focused and processed disciplined.
BE a steward of company assets.
BE focused on exceeding Key Performance Indicators.
BE commited to achieving value creation results.
BE a generator of breakthrough results.
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