Executive Landscaping
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Mission Statement

Our Passion

To create and manucure unique environments.

Our Vision

To be a world class provider of greens industry services.

Our Mission

To develop mastery players who deliver breakthrough results.

Our Promise

At Executive Landscaping, we maintain a set of values - our E.A.G.L.E.S. values - that allow us to make a simple but rock solid promise to all of our clients - we promise to provide a great experience.

Exceed expectations
Attitude of serving others
Growth - professional and personal
Learning for a succesful future
Environmentally responsible
Speed - respond quickly and effectively

Our Be-Attitudes of a Master Player

BE customer focused.
BE results passionate.
BE a leader, role model and coach.
BE strategic and anticipate neds.
BE a lifetime learner.
BE a cross-functional team player.
BE quality focused and processed disciplined.
BE a steward of company assets.
BE focused on exceeding Key Performance Indicators.
BE commited to achieving value creation results.
BE a generator of breathrough results.
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